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Micro Health Insurance
Grameen Kalyan has introduced micro health insurance to offer low-cost healthcare services to the people.  GK has been working to make the micro health insurance as an integral part of its primary healthcare since launching the healthcare program.   Under GK Micro health insurance scheme by paying only BDT 200 (USD 2.5) for GB borrowers and BDT 300 (USD 3.75) for Non-GB Members anyone can take annual health insurance policy.  Each health insurance policy covers 6 members in the family. Till the end of June, 2017 GK has 30,000 micro insurance policy holders. The poor households in the community are allowed to pay micro health insurance premium through quarterly/half yearly installments. The micro insurance holders of GK enjoy the following privileges:           

-          50% discount on consultation/advice/ prescription fees;

-          30% discount on pathological tests available in  GK Health Center;

-          10% discount on medicine available in the pharmacy in Health Center;

-          70% discount on monthly blood sugar tests for  diabetic patients;

-          Quarterly free health check-up at home for 6 family members at free of charge;

-          Compensation up to BDT 2,000 (USD 25) for hospitalization.