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Specialized Healthcare Services

Gynaecological & Obstetrical Care:

  • Conducting gynae & obs camps;
  • Identifying & treating gynae obs patients;
  • Counseling and following up of complicated gynae & obs patients;
  • Referral complicated cases to the higher facilities.

ii) Prevention of Blindness:

  • Organizing & operating eye camps;
  • Screening cataract and other eye complications;
  • Performing cataract and other minor eye surgeries at a minimum cost.


iii) ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) Care:

  • Screening ENT Problems;
  • Providing primary treatment for ENT patients;
  • Organizing & Operating ENT camps attended by qualified doctors;
  • Referral to higher facilities for complicated/surgical cases.

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iv) Diabetes and Hypertension (HTN):

  • Identifying diabetic & HTN patients through door to door visits by Community Health Assistants (CHAs);
  • Blood Pressure and Blood glucose monitoring;
  • Raising awareness about diabetes and HTN & associated complications;
  • Organizing Diabetic & HTN camps by specialized doctors;
  • Regular Follow-up.

v) Tele-Medicine Service:

  • Providing medical care & specialized opinion to the remote complicated patients through telecommunications technology.
  • Arranging Tele-Consultation with the Head office's specialized doctors via Skype and Video-conferencing so that the health center's physician does not feel helpless.