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Basic Health Care Services:

Preventive & Curative Care:

- Outdoor Patient service;

- Maintaining  medical  records;      

- Advising essential drugs;  

- Routine pathological tests;    

- Supplying quality medicines;  

- Referral to higher facilities if required.


ii) Safe Motherhood & Delivery Program:

-  Screening & registering pregnant mother;

-  Tracking & keeping records of pregnant mother;

-  Counseling & providing primary care to the pregnant mothers;

-  Detecting high risk pregnancy and referral to higher facilities;

-  Rendering antenatal care with ultrasonography;

-  Conducting safe delivery under qualified & trained paramedics at GK health centers;

-  Motivating to undergo delivery under trained skilled birth attendant (SBA);

-  Providing post natal care along with neonatal care;

-  Advice for referral the complicated cases.

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Family Planning & Birth Spacing:

-  Identifying eligible couples for contraception;

-  Counseling the eligible couples for modern contraceptives use;

-  Ensuring the supply of different contraceptives;

-  Regular follow up. 

iv) Child Health Care: 

-  Emphasizing for exclusive breast feeding;

-  Educating mother for effective method of breast feeding & child healthcare;

-  Early detection of child health problems mainly the malnutrition, diarrhea, pneumonia etc.;

-  Health check-up at home by the Community Health Assistants (CHAs);

-  Growth chart (Road to Health)  monitoring;

-  Referral when needed. 

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v) Control of Diarrheal and other Communicable Diseases: 

-  Educating and building awareness for  prevention of  diarrheal and communicable diseases;

-  Assessing the level of dehydration;

-  Advising ORS & rice saline;                

-  Suggest referral for critical cases.

vi) Immunization & Vaccination:

-  Participating in EPI (Expanded Program on Immunization) & NID (National Immunization Day);

-  Providing Hepatitis B Virus Vaccine, Typhoid Vaccine, Cervical Vaccine  etc; 

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-  Screening malnutrition; 

-  Advising and suggesting required medicines to control malnutrition; 

-  Emphasizing exclusive breast feeding;

-  Advising appropriate dietary supplements.